Patchouli Oil

Botanical name


Country of origin


CAS number


Part used

















: Pogostemon cablin


: Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi)


: 8014-09-3


: Leaf


: Patchouli alcohol


: Light yellowish brown to dark red-brown


: Sweet-herbaceous, aromatic-spicy and woody balsamic odour


: In flagrance, beauty and health industry as a based note and fixative of a blend. 

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- Product Grades -

Patchouli Oil Sumatra

(PA 32, Acid 4-5)




Patchouli Oil Sulawesi

(PA 30, Acid 8-10)






Patchouli Oil Java

(PA 30, Acid 6-8)






Patchouli Terpene (PA 3)


Patchouli MD PA 40+    

Patchouli MD PA 65+    






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