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New Product: Tobacco Absolute CO2 Nicotine Free & Negative side effects of Nicotine

PT Mitra Ayu is proud to announce our newest product: Tobacco Absolute CO2 Nicotine Free. After extensive research and trials, we are finally able to remove the Nicotine from our Tobacco Absolute CO2 product. Now, consumers that love the aroma and taste of Tobacco can enjoy the Tobacco products, without worrying about the negative effects of Nicotine.

We will explain more about Nicotine and the negative side effects of this colorless compound.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a highly volatile alkaloid and can be found in Nicotiana tabacum leaves. Cigarette is the most commonly used tobacco products [1], and the content of nicotine in each cigarette can varies from 1.1 mg to 1.8 mg [2]. Besides Cigarette, there are many other tobacco products that are available in the market. Please see picture below for some tobacco products and their typical contents of Nicotine.

As we know, there are many negative effects of Nicotine, such as [3]:

1. Highly addictive.

Nicotine is responsible for dopamine effect which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain and this sensation can be highly addictive.

2. Increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Nicotine can also stimulate the adrenal glands to release large amounts of adrenaline. This “flight or fight” hormone increase the heart rate and breathing, also the blood pressure, which can trigger various vascular diseases.

3. Slow wound healing.

Nicotine can cause platelets to be stickier, which can cause more clots being formed in the blood vessels, that can lead to dead tissue.

In the picture below, there are many other negative side effects of Nicotine.


If you have any question about our Tobacco absolute CO2 product, please contact us here or email us at



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