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Oleoresin as Natural Flavor Booster

Oleoresins are natural extracts obtained from plants, encapsulating the essence of spices and herbs. It is a complex mixture of resin and essential oils, capturing the distinctive flavors, aromas, and bioactive compounds. Oleoresins are commonly used in the culinary world and food industry to enhance flavors [1].


Benefits of oleoresins:

Concentration of flavor

Oleoresins are highly concentrated, allowing chefs and food manufacturers to use small quantities to achieve a significant impact on flavor. This concentration not only enhances taste but also contributes to the cost-effectiveness [2].

Consistency in flavor

Unlike fresh herbs and spices, oleoresins offer consistent flavor profiles throughout the year. This consistency is particularly valuable for the food industry, ensuring that the taste of a product remains uniform regardless of seasonal variations in raw ingredients [2].

Extended shelf life

The concentration of oleoresins contributes to their longevity, providing an extended shelf life compared to fresh herbs and spices. This feature is advantageous for both consumers and manufacturers, reducing food waste and ensuring the availability of flavorful products for an extended period [3].


Application of oleoresins in the food industry [2,4]:

Seasonings and sauces

Oleoresins serve as key ingredients in the formulation of seasonings, marinades, and sauces, enhancing the overall taste and aroma of the final product.

Bakery and confectionery

Oleoresins play a crucial role in the world of bakery and confectionery. Oleoresins can spice up cookies and cakes, creating flavorful icings, and adding flavors to candies.


The beverage industry benefits from oleoresins by infusing drinks with natural flavors, providing a unique twist to various beverages, including cocktails, sodas, and teas.

Meat and seafood products

Oleoresins are widely used in the meat and seafood industry to season and flavor products such as sausages, cured meats, and canned seafood.


PT Mitra Ayu offers varieties of Oleoresins, such as Cinnamon bark Oleoresin, Nutmeg Oleoresin, Mace Oleoresin and many others.

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