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New Natural: Vetiver Oil Java CO2

Mitra Ayu is proudly introducing our newest product: VETIVER JAVA OIL CO2.

Unlike other Vetiver oils in the market, our Vetiver Java oil CO2 has no smoke odor due to the lower temperature and shorter processing time of Supercritical CO2 Extraction. The odor can be described as sweet, creamy, woody, refined and balsamic. Moreover, the color is very refined as well. This is because of the lower temperature causes less deterioration of thermally liable components and the better selectivity of CO2 as a solvent results in little to no residue in the final product. In addition to odor and color superiority, our Vetiver Java oil CO2 also has a high concentration of Kushimol, ~15%, compared with ISO 4716 (6-11%). The content of Beta Vetivone and Alpha Vetivone are ~5% and ~7% compared to ISO 4716 of 2-4% and 2-4% respectively. Furthermore, the percentage of Beta Vetivenene is positively low at 0.17% compared to ISO 4716 (4-9%). The total content of Alcohols and Ketones are at 67% and 16% respectively or a total of 83%.

To see more detailed information, please click here for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of our latest batch. Last but not least, cosmetic allergens and restricted substances, Methyl Eugenol and Safrole are not detected. Request a sample today by email or by filling out a request form through this link.

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