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Video: A Journey Toward Sustainable Massoia

As the world leader of Massoia Lactone products, Mitra Ayu has been actively working toward a sustainable future of Massoia.

Massoia tree is an endemic plant in Papua and is wild grown deep in the forest. Today, all of the Massoia products in the market are originated from Papua.

In 2014, Mitra Ayu brought Massoia seeds and saplings from Papua and planted them in our Plantation in Solok, West Sumatra. Currently, there are more than 20,000 thriving Massoia trees with various sizes in our Plantation proving that Massoia can grow well outside of the island of Papua.

Some of the trees are mature enough to be harvested, but we decided to let them grow to produce more seeds. From these seeds, we are able to plant more trees at a faster rate and we also share the seeds to many farmers in West Sumatra.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Massoia trees will continue to thrive in the wild and in the plantation.

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