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Indonesia Massoia Bark Oil, Patchouli Oil, Vetiver Oil Market Report - Jan 2017

Massoia Bark Oil

Crytocarya massoia

Right now will be a good time to buy and stock up on Massoia Bark oil. Supply of Massoia Bark Oil from Indonesia is at the high side in the beginning of 2017. Low quality product due to production process error as well as inferior raw material causes the suppliers to cut down their prices significantly to sell their stocks quickly.

Please beware that the quality of very low priced Massoia Bark oil may only have 70% or less of C10 lactone and C12 lactone combined and/or low Optical Rotation. For comparison, the standard for good Massoia Bark oil is minimum of 80% content of C10 lactone and C12 lactone and at least -60° Optical Rotation.

Lower selling price, from 5 to 10% compared to 3Q16, causes distillers to demand lower price from bark collectors. With the pressure of low raw material price and high stock of raw material and oil at supplier warehouse, there is very small of new bark coming out from Papua.

Patchouli Oil

Pogostemon cablin

It is a rough start for Patchouli Oil this year. Demand is steady but there is just too much supply in the market, especially Patchouli Sulawesi type. For Patchouli Sumatra, supply and demand are steady hence the little change in price we see on Patchouli Sumatra.

Currently, it is the buyer market for Patchouli Sulawesi. Price is low and the quality is standard. However, because of the low oil price, we are afraid that the growers may decide to plant other higher value crop for the next season which we all know will have a negative effect on supply and therefore the price of Patchouli.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiveria zizanoides

Expect the high price to stay. The demand on this oil is still very high and there is just not enough material to fulfill all orders. Today to purchase this oil, the local distillers demand some down payment from local buyer/collector and the quality is not the best due to the smoky odor.

PT Mitra Ayu introduces its newest product: Vetiver Oil Java CO2 this month and has been distributing samples for early evaluation. Since then, we have continued purchasing as much as Vetiver roots that we can get and extracted them as fast as we can. We will be able to supply a larger quantity of Vetiver Oil CO2 soon.

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