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1 Million Trees Project

PT Mitra Ayu participates in a joint effort with West Sumatra government to plant 1 million pine trees along the coast of West Sumatra in effort to minimize impact of tsunami disaster and tidal floods. This is a long term project that started back in March 2019.

West Sumatra is identified as one of the area with high risk of more than 8.0 magnitude earthquake which can be followed by a tsunami. One of the efforts to minimize damage and casualties is by planting vegetation around the coastal area which potentially will be hit by the tsunami. This is because the protection of trees such as mangrove pine, banyan, and mahogany trees proved to be a buffer against the tsunami.

After finished planting around the coastline of Padang City, the project will continue to other coastal areas in West Sumatra, such as Mentawai, Pesisir Selatan, Pariaman, Padang Pariaman, Agam and West Pasaman. The effort is joined by local community.

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