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Video: A Journey to Patchouli Plantation - Pakantan, North Sumatra

In December 2022, Mitra Ayu team went to Patchouli Plantation located in Pakantan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The journey starts with an approximately 8 hours trip by car from PT Mitra Ayu factory in Padang. Then, due to limited road infrastructure, we had to switch and ride a motorbike for about 30 minutes followed by another 1 hour hiking by foot. It was an interesting adventure.

The reason the farmers grow Patchouli so deep in the forest is because this area is high in altitude at approximately 1250 m above the sea level with total area close to 150-200 ha.

Our initial observation is that the patchouli plants indeed grow very well in this area and the farmers are very motivated to learn and want to grow more Patchouli. Most farmers in this area are currently planting coffee and some works for a gold mine industry. We believe that with Patchouli, they will be able to improve their socioeconomic and can better provide for their families.

At Mitra Ayu, we care about our neighbor and the local communities. We strive to make a positive impact and to help others by providing support, seedlings, training and many others.

We are excited to work with the Pakantan Patchouli farmers and to help them improve the quality and the yield, as the Patchouli leaves from this area are of premium quality.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Mitra Ayu on this collaboration.

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