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DIY : Easy Summer Essential Oil Blend to Make

As the weather getting warmer and you can feel the humidity on your skin, you know that Summer is finally here. You cannot wait to take Summer vacation and fill it with as much as sun, laughter and celebrations. There are many celebrations and festivals during Summer time, such as Dragon Boat Festival in China, Sumidagawa Festival Fireworks in Japan, Independence Day in the United States. Other fun things to do during summer are road trip, amusement park, beach, bon fire and many others.

But, what if you prefer to stay indoor this Summer. Don’t worry! We can help you bring the Summer vibes inside your home by following these easy steps:

1. Bring out your diffuser

Diffuser is a device that disperses essential oil into the air. The latest and most popular diffuser is the electric diffuser. You can easily set this up by filling the device with water and several drops of your favorite essential oil/blend and then plug it in. Now, that you have the diffuser ready, let's make your Summer essential oil blend.

2. Create your Summer Blend

One essential oil comes to mind when we think about Summer. Massoia bark oil is a great choice because it has a sweet, coconut, creamy, buttery, and milky aroma.

Below are two great recipes using Massoia Bark Oil that you can try this Summer.

Sweet Massoia Bark Magic [1]:

-3 drops of Massoia Bark

-3 drops of Himalayan Cedarwood

-2 drops of Lime

-2 drops of Cinnamon Leaf

-2 drops of Copaiba

-2 drops of Coconut

-1 drop of Ocotea

No Place I’d Rather Be [4]:

-4 drops of Spearmint

-3 drops of Cardamom

-3 drops of Massoia Bark

-2 drops of Basil

-2 drops of Vetiver

3. Activities

There are many activities that you can enjoy inside the comfort of your home this Summer. With the diffuser running, you can read a good book, watch movie, listening to music, cooking, or there is also nothing wrong with just laying down while enjoying your favorite beverages or taking a nap. We hope that you will have a great Summer this year.



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