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Massoia Bark Oil Supply Chain

Massoia Bark Oil is known for its distinctive coconut, caramel, and milky aroma due to its high contents of lactone compound [2]. This essential oil serves as the basis for many products, especially in food and beverages industry [1]. Massoia Bark Oil is ranked as top 10 oil produced in Indonesia, where the production in 2018 reached 20-25 tons/year [3]. Massoia Bark Oil is considered one of the high priced essential oil, and with increasing demand for this oil, the production of this oil continues to increase year after year.

Below is the supply chain diagram for essential oil [1]:

Massoia trees are located deep inside the forest and there is no road or infrastructure to go there, hence the only way to reach the trees are by foot. This journey is very long (days or weeks) and it takes longer and longer as the distance of the tree are getting farther away [1]. These harvesting part of Massoia Bark is usually done by men and women who live in the poorest communities. The collection process depends on how collectors are linked to traders and distributors connected to the internal and international markets [1]. Once the barks are harvested, the collectors bring the barks out of the forest by carrying it out or renting a helicopter in order to deliver them to the distillers. This is another reason why the price of Massoia Bark is relatively high.

The distillation process can be done by either the farmers or the distillers where most are performed in a small scale. In the bigger production scale, the distillation unit is usually more modern where traditional wood-fired iron, water or steam distillation is being replaced with stainless steel units. At Mitra Ayu, our Massoia Bark Oil is uniquely processed by State of the Art Supercritical CO2 Extraction which resulted in higher quality oil and a more environmentally friendly process. After being distilled, the Massoia Bark Oil is then sent to the essential oils collectors as the intermediary between distillers and exporters, or it can be sent directly to the exporters [1].

The supply chain of Massoia Bark Oil at Mitra Ayu is shown in figure below:

At Mitra Ayu, we source our Massoia Bark from Collectors. The Bark is transported from Papua island to our manufacturing facility in Padang, West Sumatra to be processed. Depending on the customer specification, we would export Massoia Bark Oil or further processed the Massoia Bark Oil into Massoia Decalactone (C10 Lactone) and Massoia Dodecalactone (C12 Lactone).

If you have any question about Massoia Bark Oil, such as price quotation, sample requests or any other questions, please contact us here or email us at


[1] CBI value chain analysis


[3] 2020-10-08_Overview Massoi_Melanesia Boseren.pdf (

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