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Mitra Ayu Sustainability Initiative: New Biomass Pellet Machine and Biomass Pellet Burner

Figure 1. Pellets made from Massoia Bark and Nutmeg waste

As part of Mitra Ayu commitment to the 3R Principle: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we recently installed Biomass Pellet Machine and Biomass Pellet Burner in our factory in Padang, Indonesia. By using the Biomass Pellet Machine, we are able to recycle our production waste into Biomass Pellet, and reduce our needs for fossil fuels and coals.

Currently, after ground Nutmeg and Massoia Bark are extracted, the waste is turned into pellets using the Biomass Pellet Machine. The pellets are then burned in the Pellet Burner or Stove, which is connected to the Boiler. This energy is used to heat the CO2 solvent and the water to extract essential oil from Massoia Bark and Nutmeg. Please see the process flow diagram below.

Figure 2. Process Flow Diagram of Biomass Pellet System at Mitra Ayu

Figure 3. Mitra Ayu Biomass Pellet Machine

In the past, we used Briquette machine to process our waste and burned the briquettes as one of our source of energy. However, the new Biomass Pellet Machine is much more energy efficient compared to the Briquette machine since it does not requires heat to make pellet. When used as energy and fuel source, pellet is also more effective and efficient because it is much smaller in size compared to briquette and can burnt completely.

With this new Biomass Pellet system, we are not only able to up-cycle our waste and replace the use of coal for the boiler, but also we can reduce the energy consumption from running the Briquette machine and increase the effectiveness of the fuel source.

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