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Tobacco Absolute in Fine Fragrance: A Sensory Exploration

Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) is a non-food crop with significant social interest and considerable commercial value. This is attributed to the use of tobacco in sacred ceremonies and for recreational purposes, such as smoking. In addition to the more prevalent processed tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars, dried tobacco leaves serve as a crucial source for essential oils, concretes, and absolutes [1].

The extraction of Tobacco Absolute, a concentrated essence derived from the tobacco plant, has become a prized ingredient among perfumers. This aromatic journey explores the captivating role of Tobacco Absolute in fine fragrance, unveiling the layers of complexity it adds to olfactory compositions.

Figure1.Dried Tobacco Leaves
Distinctive Aroma

Tobacco, cultivated and utilized on a global scale, is also a prominent ingredient in perfumery. Unlike the smoky odor often associated with tobacco, it offers a pleasant fragrance. Many perfumers appreciate the warm and calming aroma of tobacco. It's important to note that the creation of tobacco-based perfumes involves extracting tobacco absolute rather than directly using the leaves [2].

Figure 2. Mitra Ayu's Tobacco Absolute

At Mitra Ayu, Tobacco Absolute is produced by Supercritical CO2 Extraction, followed by the removal of wax and impurities. This extraction results in a dark brown to brownish-black color for the Tobacco Absolute. Due to its deep hue, direct application on clothing or skin can pose issues. Therefore, it is common practice to dilute Tobacco Absolute before using it in perfumes [2].

Tobacco absolute exudes a fragrance characterized by woody, mossy, sweet hay-like, and warm herbaceous notes. Many appreciate the aroma of tobacco for its ability to add depth and character to natural perfumes, particularly when blended with masculine undertones, such as a tabac aroma, and amber in minimal quantities [3].

Commonly employed in perfumery and cosmetics, tobacco absolute is a staple in men's fragrances due to its inherently masculine scent. Nevertheless, it occasionally finds use in women's perfumes to harmonize and balance their intense femininity [2]. Beyond the realm of personal care products, tobacco absolute serves as a significant additive, contributing to the flavor of cigarettes and serving as an ingredient in electronic cigarettes [1].

Creating Signature Scent with Tobacco

Tobacco undeniably stands as a pivotal element in crafting the distinct aromas of tobacco and leathery essences. This versatile ingredient finds its perfect companionship in rustic fragrances when blended with cade oil or birch tar. However, the allure of tobacco extends beyond the realm of leather, with several tobacco-based perfumes earning recognition for their classic, luxurious, and timeless appeal.

The rich aroma of tobacco harmonizes seamlessly with various wood essences like sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and cedar wood. For those seeking a subtle and opulent touch, the tobacco fragrance pairs elegantly with floral notes such as roses or petunias, as well as citrusy undertones [4]. Additionally, delightful combinations can be achieved by incorporating bergamot, vanilla, and pepper oils with tobacco [2].

For any questions about Mitra Ayu's Tobacco Absolute CO2 or any Indonesian natural products, please contact us at or send us a message here.


[1] Nedeltcheva-Antonova, D., Ivanova, D., Antonov, L. and Abe, I., 2016. Insight into the aroma profile of Bulgarian tobacco absolute oil. Industrial Crops and Products, 94, pp.226-232.


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