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Welcoming Lunar New Year 2024 - The Year of the Dragon with PT Mitra Ayu

As the Lunar New Year approaches, PT Mitra Ayu, a distinguished Indonesian essential oil producer and exporter, extends warm wishes to all partners, customers, and employees for a joyous and prosperous Year of the Dragon. This auspicious occasion marks a time of renewal, reflection, and the promise of new beginnings.

The Year of the Dragon:

In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon symbolizes strength, wisdom, and good fortune. It is a year associated with ambitious endeavors, bold actions, and breakthroughs. PT Mitra Ayu embraces the spirit of the dragon as it looks forward to a year filled with growth, success, and positive energy.

Wishing Prosperity to Partners:

To all esteemed partners, PT Mitra Ayu expresses gratitude for the collaborative efforts and mutual successes achieved in the past year. As we step into the Year of the Dragon, may our partnerships continue to flourish, bringing forth abundance and prosperity. Together, let us explore new horizons and create opportunities that elevate us to greater heights.

A Special Message to Valued Customers:

To our valued customers, PT Mitra Ayu extends heartfelt appreciation for your trust and loyalty. The Year of the Dragon brings with it the promise of enhanced quality and innovation in our essential oil products. We are committed to providing you with unparalleled excellence, ensuring your satisfaction and well-being. May this new lunar cycle be a testament to our continued dedication to delivering products of the highest standard.

Acknowledging the Team:

Behind the success of PT Mitra Ayu is a dedicated team whose hard work and commitment contribute to the company's achievements. As we embark on this new lunar year, we express gratitude to our employees for their unwavering dedication. Together, let us work towards new milestones, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Looking Forward:

PT Mitra Ayu sees the Year of the Dragon as an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and forge new connections. The company is committed to continuous improvement, sustainability, and innovation in the production of essential oils. As we enter this new lunar phase, the team at PT Mitra Ayu is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, PT Mitra Ayu extends its warmest wishes to partners, customers, and employees. May the Year of the Dragon bring prosperity, success, and good fortune to all. As we embrace the positive energy of this auspicious occasion, let us collectively work towards a brighter and more prosperous future. Happy Lunar New Year!


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