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DIY: Patchouli Solid Perfume

There are five senses: vision, touch, hearing, taste, and smell which can specifically determine human-related body parts' function. Smell as one of the powerful senses help humans distinguish billions of different odors. Smell sense can change your look by doing self-grooming, as looking good needs to feel good [1]. Along with trendy personal care products, perfume is mainly used to boost mood, confidence, attractiveness, and health [2].

Perfumes can be categorized into several products and by-products. Solid perfume is a solid state perfume that can be directly applied to human skin. Its futuristic and portable design also supports globalization and the modern lifestyle. The odor sources come from the essential oil and/or fragrance. Patchouli is known as one of the essential oils that have last-long odors and bring out wood, balsamic, and earthy odors. Moreover, Patchouli provides health benefits [read the article "Production and Utilization of Patchouli Oil in Indonesia" for more information].

Alright, now, let’s make the Patchouli solid perfume! First thing first, we need to prepare the material. You will need beeswax, carrier oil, and essential oils. Carrier oil that we recommend is grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or virgin coconut oil (impart coconut scent) [3]. Below are the list of ingredients with each measurements and the step by step instructions.

Ingredients [4]:

- 4 tablespoons beeswax

- 5 tablespoons almond oil

- 40 – 60 drops of Patchouli essential oil

Feel free to add or substitute the type of essential oil of your preference.

Instructions [3]:

1. Put the beeswax and carrier oil into the bowl and allow the beeswax to fully melt in the microwave for half a minute. You can use the double boiler method as well.

2. Let the liquids cool down at room temperature for about 30 seconds, then you can add the Patchouli essential oil (or other essential oil) and gently stir.

3. Pour the liquids into the tin container and allow the perfume to solidify. Voila! Solid perfume is ready to be applied! But wait, how to apply it? You can rub a clean finger to the top of solid perfume and apply it to the skin such as the neck, wrist, forearm, etc. Enjoy.


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