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Eucalyptus olida as a potential source of Natural Methyl Cinnamate

Eucalyptus olida is a plant that belongs to the eucalyptus species. The tree grew in a small number and was first discovered in the northern Tableland region of New South Wales, Australia [1]. The tree is about 20 m high. The juvenile leaves are disjunct with oval shape and it has 5 cm wide and 7 cm long with dull grey-green color. The adult leaves are also disjunct and lanceolate with 8-17 cm long and 1.2-2.6 cm wide with semi-glossy green color [2]. The leaves part of Eucalyptus olida are shown in below [2]:

Eucalyptus olida is also called Strawberry Gum Plants and its essential oils contains methyl cinnamate in high concentration (94-99%) [1]. Methyl cinnamate has a fruity taste with cinnamon and strawberry aroma and is widely used in the flavor and fragrance industries.

Because of its high content of Methyl Cinnamate, the essential oil of Eucalyptus olida is highly sought after. The oil yield in individual tree can vary based on foliage age, season, and many other factors. In one study, the steam distillation of 85 kg of mixed foliage can yield up to 1.97% (w/w) of oil with methyl cinnamate purity of 95.2%. The younger the leaves the higher yield of methyl cinnamate can be obtained [1].

Below are the physical and chemical properties of methyl cinnamate [3]:

Other than Eucalyptus olida, Methyl Cinnamate can also be obtained from Alpinia malaccensis. Currently, PT Mitra ayu offers EU and US Natural Methyl Cinnamate from Alpinia oil. Stay tune for our upcoming product featuring Natural Methyl Cinnamate sourced from Eucalyptus olida.

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