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Exploring Terpenes: Sabinene as a Versatile Monoterpene with Diverse Applications and Benefits

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbon compounds consisting of isoprene units and are found in the essential oils of various plants. Terpenes are often responsible for the distinctive aroma and characteristics associated with specific plants. They have various applications in industries such as perfume and cosmetics, food, and pharmacology.

There are various classes of terpenes, one of which is monoterpene. Monoterpenes are considered relatively simple as they consist of 2 isoprene units. An example of a compound belonging to the monoterpene class is sabinene. This compound is predominantly found in plants and is a significant constituent of various plant essential oils [1].

Sabinene has the IUPAC name 4-methylene-1-(1-methylethyl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane and the molecular formula C10H16 with a structure as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Sabinene

Sabinene appears as a clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid. It possesses a peppery, woody, and citrusy aroma [2]. Sabinene is found in holm oak trees, spruce trees, juniper bushes, clove plants, and spices such as black pepper, plai and nutmeg [3].

Sabinene is currently utilized in the perfume and flavor industries. Additionally, several studies have highlighted the benefits of sabinene, such as:

(1)   Anti-inflammatory

Research conducted on the essential oil of Oenanthe crocata L. identified significant concentrations of sabinene within it, which were found to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory activity of this essential oil. It is also commonly used to treat skin inflammation and dermatophytosis [4].

(2)   Antioxidant

Sabinene provides significant protection against oxidative damage, indicating its potential antioxidant effects [5].

In conclusion, sabinene serves as an intriguing example of a terpene compound, particularly a monoterpene, due to its diverse applications and benefits. Moreover, sabinene is readily found in plants and is a crucial component of various plant essential oils.

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