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Indonesian Massoia Bark Oil, and Its Derivatives

Massoia Bark, Massoia Bark Oil, Massoia Lactone, Delta DecaLactone

As one of endemic plants in Indonesia, Massoia Bark Oil is one of our main products that is very interesting to be reviewed. Massoia trees are mainly grown in Papua island, and the raw material (the bark) is cut, dried and processed to obtain the oil. Most producers distill the Massoia bark by steam or hydro distillation. Uniquely at Mitra Ayu, we extracted the Massoia Bark Oil by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide which resulted in superior quality.

The main component of Massoia Bark Oil are Lactone C10 and Lactone C12. It also contains a small amount of benzyl benzoate. Also, uniquely only at Mitra Ayu, we can concentrate the Massoia Lactone up to 95% for C10 lactone and up to 85% for C12 lactone. For more information, please visit our product page: Massoia Bark Oil , Massoia Lactone C10, Massoia Lactone C12.

Massoia Bark Oil is used in many applications in flavor industry especially in food products. Massoia Lactone gives a strong coconut aroma even in a low concentration. Not only in food products, Massoia Bark Oil is also used in pharmaceutical industry, aromatherapy, and many more [1].

Some derivatives of Massoia Lactones, such as Delta Decalactone and Delta Dodecalactone are of a high interest, as they have higher value and can be made through natural reduction process. Both Delta Decalactone and Delta Dodecalactone have an intense and unique aroma of sweet, creamy, peach-like fruity flavor, which made these compound so popular and highly sought after by the industries [2]. For. more information, please visit our product page: Delta Decalactone.

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