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Mitra Ayu Officially Member of SEDEX

A great company not only producing valuable products, but also having the commitment to contribute to society’s wellbeing. At Mitra Ayu, we believe that Sustainability is an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.

One of our core values, "We are committed to ethical and sustainable business practice", shows our commitment on the importance of applying ethic principles to every part of our business process, not only internally but also by ensuring that our providers work under the same principles.

As a result of our contribution to the improvement of ethically responsible business practices, we can proudly announce that we are now a SEDEX member, a global membership organization dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices in businesses, labor standards, environment, and health and safety.

Being a SEDEX member includes commitments to:

  • Implementing the ETI Base Code.

  • Regulatory compliance.

  • Continual improvement in social responsibility performance.

  • Respecting Human Rights.

  • Environmental protection.

  • Management systems.

  • Labour Practices.

  • and many others

Please contact us for more information on our membership details. Further information can be found by visiting


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